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"​US Medical Solutions changed the direction of my practice".... Dr. Berman

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US Medical Solutions, the nation's leading medical billing company provides certified medical billing services to doctors & hospitals since 1999

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Finding time and resources are tight? Are your aged accounts overwhelming?  US Medical's billing service is a great solution! Our team of medical billing experts will increase your efficiency, take complicated billing issues off your plate, and improve your returns. We offer a unique combination of proven experience and a powerful technology platform that has helped hundreds of practices just like yours succeed. After all, when your cash flow improves, it’s much easier to stay focused on what’s most important—your patients.


Medical billing is confusing, complicated, and always changing. With US Medical's Practice Management, you will have a dedicated team whose full-time job is to stay up to date on the latest requirements and do everything it takes to get you paid. We troubleshoot the rules and coding changes of insurance companies, and take the time to explain bills to your patients. With our best practices at work for your business, you collect more and get paid faster.


We’ve built our Medical Billing Company on a proven technology platform and the know-how that comes from having served hundreds of small, medium & large practices since 1999. In today’s ever-changing healthcare industry, having those best practices as your foundation delivers real value. It’s all part of our complete commitment to helping you succeed.

Did you know......


Many practices are leaving up to 30% of reimbursement on the table, largely due to three key factors:(1)


  • Insurance Denials: roughly 20% of claims get denied(2)


  • Incorrect payments: insurers pay over 20% of claims inaccurately(3)


  • Inadequate follow-up: 65% of providers don’t appeal denied claims, largely due to lack of time and resources(4)



1 MGMA, In Practice Blog, “Insurance denials: is your practice to blame?” Dec. 21, 2011.

 2 GAO, “Private Health Insurance: Data on Application and Coverage Denials,” March 2011 (Avg. for MD, CA).

3 AMA, “Follow that Claim,”.

4 MGMA, In Practice Blog, “5 tips to improve your medical practice’s billing and collections,” Oct. 21, 2010.


Medical Billing Services Overview

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