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It's Easy - Run Your Practice The Way You Want To

US Medical Solutions Fits Into Your Practice – No matter the size, our practice management system is ideal for small, medium and large practices looking to increase profits, enhance workflow and improve the patient experience. With a full suite of financial, administrative, and clinical apps and services, practices of all sizes can get exactly what they need to grow and thrive.
It’s Your Experience! We provide a easy-to-use and refreshing take on medical practice management & medical billing. Every element of our system was developed to create a better, more efficient experience for the user. 

"US Medical Solutions offers a unique blend of software and medical billing services. I highly recommend this medical billing company to any practice. Their level of service is unmatched!".... Dr. Daniel Kraus

Patient Registration & Scheduling
US Medical's billing services are more than just a claims processing center. It includes important software tools your front-office staff will use to tackle the daily chores of running your practice. If you already have software you are comfortable with, we will integrate into your software. All patients call your office directly to schedule their appointments. Using US Medical's Scheduling software, you and your staff quickly register the patient. The front-office software automates:
  • Scheduling templates – with color coding
  • Verifying insurance coverage
  • Sending email and telephone appointment reminders
  • Putting the patient schedule on your iPhone and/or iPad
Patient Check-in & Patient Records
As soon as the patient arrives, check them in with our software. Securely register your patients and conveniently store all their information in one place. You can enter addresses and insurance information, set patient account alerts, review all patient & insurance charges, and instantly access scanned documents. Begin verifying patient information and kick-start your visit workflow. This software gives you the tools to:
  • Check eligibility for today’s date of service
  • Scan insurance cards & driver’s licenses
  • Print encounter forms
  • Pre-collect copays and deductibles
  • Fully integrated credit card processing
Documenting Your Charges
Capturing the procedure and diagnosis codes for a patient visit has never been more flexible. US Medical gives you three options:
  • Use your current paper super-bills and electronically send them to US Medical using our secure cloud-based webserver.
  • Create your own custom super-bills with our software and have them print out for each visit. Then, send them to US Medical using our secure cloud-based webserver.
  • US Medical will virtually login on our secure HIPAA compliant servers to capture the codes from your current EHR or Billing System via laptop, iPad, or iPhone.
After the patient visit is complete, the US Medical billing team kicks into high gear to make sure you are paid quickly and you get all the money you are owed.
Insurance Billing & Follow-up
The US Medical billing team handles everything associated with creating claims, sending to insurance companies, posting payments, A/R follow-up, billing patients and reconciling charges. We have advanced tools that get you paid quickly.
  • Electronic connections to more than 2,500 insurance payers
  • Advanced code scrubbing tools help get your claims accepted, the first time.
  • Denial and rejection alerts give instant notification of claims that our team needs to re-work and re-submit
  • Additional A/R reports ran bi-weekly to catch any claims aged over 30 days.
  • Fee schedules and contract settings help us know what claims need to be appealed, and if you are getting full payment
  • All payments are sent to your office or directly to your bank account or lockbox. You send us the EOB's to post the payments. We then will re-bill to collect the secondary, tertiary or patient payment. US Medical Solutions does not handle the money.
  • Patient Receivables Management
  • High deductible plans make patient out-of-pocket payments increasingly important to your bottom-line.
The US Medical team uses a patient payment strategy that includes:
  • Convenient credit/debit card payment options
  • Email statements
  • Print and mailed statements
Patient payments go directly to your office. Your specialized US Medical team will work with you to take the best course of action to collect on past due balances. It is your practice, so you will make the decision on collections. We will provide you with a report.
Tracking Performance & Profitability - Dashboards & Focus Reports
Part of what makes your partnership with US Medical special is the transparency. You can see how well we are doing and if we are making your practice more profitable.
Using your secure log-in, you will have full access to view updated accounts receivable dashboards, over 250 reports, and performance indicators on how efficient your billing process is being managed. These tools help answer questions like:
How much am I billing out?
How much am I getting paid?
What are my receivables?
Who owes me money?
Most customers enjoy getting reports automatically delivered to their email. We can set-up this for you or your office manager. Beyond the dashboards, focus reports, and day-to-day work, your US Medical team leader will meet with you monthly to review the financial health of your practice and identify areas where improvements can be made.
US Medical Solutions is the only medical billing company that believes we work for you, not the other way around. We want you to be a customer for life. In fact, if at some point outsourcing your billing is no longer the best thing for your business, your staff can bring your billing back in-house. We believe in our work and that’s our difference.
Here’s what you'll pay 
Full-Service Practice Management rages from 4-8% of collections 
(It's based on claim volumes & specialty. We only get paid on what we collect.)
$0 for cloud based software, training & support
$0 for upgrades and NO up-front fees
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