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Medical Billing FAQ

We have included a few frequently asked questions about our medical billing services.
Please contact us for more details or a quote for services.
medical billing company facts and questions


What are US Medical's Fees?


Fees range from 3-7% of collections depending on your specialty and volumes. We only get paid on what we collect.


Are the any set-up fees?


There are no set-up fees or upgrade fees & no contracts 


Do I need special software for you to do my billing?


No - Whether you already have a Practice Management EMR Software Program or looking to upgrade, US Medical Solutions can handle your billing. We have a practice management and EMR cloud-based software available to you if your choose. (It's included in our services and free of charge). If you are comfortable with your EMR or Practice Management System, we can conform to yours. It's your practice and we work for you.









How can I be sure that US Medical Solutions is submitting my insurance claims in a timley manner?

US Medical understands that the most important thing for a billing service is to submit claims accurately and in a timely manner. Therefore, US Medical Solutions guarantees submitting with in 24-48 hrs of receipt.
How does my office provide you the billing information?

Capturing the procedure and diagnosis codes for a patient visit has never been more flexible. US Medical gives you three options:
  • Use your current paper super-bills and electronically send them to US Medical using our secure cloud-based webserver or US Postal Service.
  • Create your own custom super-bills with our software and have them print out for each visit. Then, send them to US Medical using our secure cloud-based webserver.
  • US Medical will virtually login on to your current system to capture the codes and data from your current EHR or Practice Management System.
Who receives the payments?

Your office will receive the payments directly or they will be direct deposited into your account. We do not handle the money. The time frame for when you receive the payments depends on the insurance company. For electronically received claims, some payments are received by providers within as little as 4 days of submission. For Medicare claims, providers generally receive payments 14-17 days after submission. As a general rule, electronic claims are paid in the 7-17 day time period. You then send us the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) so our staff can post the payment, bill the secondary, or bill the patient.
Does your percentage fee include insurance and patient aging follow-up?

Yes - our percentage-based fee includes all comprehensive A/R follow-up for insurance companies and patients. We pride ourselvs on our intenst follow-up procedures. We run aged account receivable reports on all claims over 30 days old.
Many practices are leaving up to 30% of insurance reimbursement on the table, (and don't even know it) largely due to three key factors:
  • Denials: roughly 20% of medical insurance claims get denied
  • Incorrect payments: insurers pay over 20% of claims inaccurately
  • Inadequate follow-up: 65% of providers don’t appeal denied claims, largely due to lack of time/resources
How do I get started?

1. Begin Enrollment Process (Fill out New Practice Enrollment Forms)
2. Establish cloud-based program and software set-up
3. Training and support (Possible on-site visit by US Medical if necessary)
4. In-depth A/R review of current claims and aged accounts.
5. Receive Approval and Acceptance of Provider Set-up with our specialized claims scrubbing system and electronic claims system. 
6. Test 50 claims
Total process takes around 30-45 days. Contact us for a quote.
What are your back-up procedures and is your network secure?

We run a continuous 24 x 7 backup of your data securely on-site site and have a back-up server. In addition, we provide daily off-site backup of your data
Our network is very secure and provides 128-bit encryption, which complies with HIPAA regulations. We have established the same level of encryption that banks use for their financial records. In addition, US Medical Solutions utilizes dual layers of login and password protection.
How will I know how my practice is doing?

Part of what makes your partnership with US Medical special is the transparency. You can see how well we are doing and if we are making your practice more profitable.
Using your secure log-in, you will have full access to view updated accounts receivable dashboards, over 250 reports, and performance indicators on how efficient your billing process is being managed. These tools help answer questions like:
How much am I billing out?
How much am I getting paid?
What are my receivables?
Who owes me money?
Most customers enjoy getting reports automatically delivered to their email. We can set-up this for you or your office manager. Beyond the dashboards, focus reports, and day-to-day work, your US Medical team leader will meet with you monthly to review the financial health of your practice and identify areas where improvements can be made.
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