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US Medical Solutions was founded by our CEO, Jamie Rayko, in 1999. She had a vision of simplifying medical offices with a web-based medical billing software that replaces the expensive and complex medical billing and practice management systems doctors and hospitals have today.


As you focus on your patients, we will focus on your payments. Our specialized practice management team handles critical parts of your billing cycle, from claims submission to A/R follow-up – helping you increase revenue and payment time. Our flexible business model lets you grow the way you want. And our cloud-based practice management solution keeps up with industry changes. Bottom line – we keep the payment cycle consistent and complete allowing you financial freedom.


We’ve built our Practice Management and Medical Billing Services on a proven technology platform. We have the know-how that comes from having served hundreds of small, medium & large practices in 40 states. In today’s ever-changing healthcare industry, having those best practices as your foundation for financial stabilitiy delivers real value. It’s all part of our complete commitment to helping you succeed.


We look forward to serving you soon,


-Jamie Rayko, Founder & CEO

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